After 18 years in the Banking and Finance industry working for major brands such as Suncorp, CBA and Westpac it felt like time to share my experience and knowledge with a wider market, helping clients to achieve their dream of home ownership.


I have been a broker now for 2 years and through the broker channel with access to over 30 different financial institutions I source the absolute best deal according to the client’s goals, objectives and requirements. There is so much competition in the finance industry, which can sometimes be overwhelming to try and decipher, and that is where a good broker is invaluable.


I joined the finance industry 20 years ago as a single mother, who was renting a home and managed to obtain my own home loan through sheer hard work and determination, and I will work just as hard for my clients now.


Through my collaboration with Statewide Wealth Group I am honoured to be able to offer more than just home loans, as we will assist with the long term view of generating wealth via ownership of your assets and much more. We have a raft of specialists to talk to around your long term goals as well as protecting your lifestyle along the way.


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